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Vincenzo Volò Vincenzino dei fiori
(Rémondans, 1620 - Milano, 1671)
Atelier of

Still life

XVII century.
Oil painting on canvas
48x41 cm, in the 78x72 cm coeva frame
In a beautiful gilded wooden frame.

Vincenzo Volo of French origin arrived in Milan in the mid-forties of the seventeenth century, where he worked for Cardinal Vitaliano VI Borromeo, and where he collaborated with figure painters such as Nuvolone, Fumagalli, etc.

In the second half of the seventeenth century, the duchy of Milan, under Spanish domination, experienced a period of economic crisis and came out rather with difficulty from the epidemic of 1630. Despite everything, thanks to the work of the Borromeo cardinals, Lombardy was experiencing a lively artistic season, developing what will be called the Lombard Baroque.
Il Volo's workshop was also composed of his children Giuseppe, Francesca and Margherita, as well as Margherita and Ludovico Caffi. The work in question is attributable to this circle of artists whose connotations are reflected in working in this workshop. In fact, the painting is inspired by the works of the Flemings, characterized by dark backgrounds. In particular, the work features free, dense and vividly broken brushstrokes in the construction of roses with velvety petals; grape shoots with pears and cherries form the basis on a horizontal plane, giving life to a pleasant and typical composition of Lombard realism argued by baroque canons of the time. In addition, the work is carried out with a thick and strong material giving rise to a very distinctive and very particular figurative lexicon.

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